About Us

Meditation dream has one mission: helping people with stress anxiety change their lives. To achieve this huge-yet-simple goal, we started teaching meditation and mindfulness to as many people as possible. To improve the health and happiness of the world is our aim. To demystify the mystical, a meditation consultancy began working with people in all sphere of life. It includes students, business leaders, politicians and athletes.

Meditation dream bring positivist in you. Your Spirituality and Personal Growth Mental Illness Guide. Meditation dream connects soul and science. We provide a 360-degree approach to wellness. Encompassing the physical, spiritual, personal growth, manifestation, astrology, and numerology. Because we believe that these pillars of health are all interconnected Over the years, Meditation dream helps you solve stress and addiction challenges.

And guiding people towards lives of greater meaning, connection, fulfillment, and purpose, supported by a vibrant community.You will get expert’s report on groundbreaking scientific discoveries, leading research, and share personal stories of transformation. True well-being is a journey, not a destination. We hope you will join us.Your search for ways to clear your minds from daily worries, stress, and addiction turn to meditation ends with us.

We provide specific meditation techniques designed for you. Meditation dream is founder by Julian. We teach meditation for personal development and the modern mind. Together, we have taught thousands of people to meditate around the world and at festivals including (events).We know that meditation is a life-changing practice. To this end, we will help you develop your own meditation practice. Meditation dream will help you experience less stress, overcome addiction, and confusion in our sessions, by starting from a place of calm, clarity and focus.As a result, you will have more flow and insights from our time together. You will get more energy every day. You will feel incredibly fulfilling. Ready to provide an inner-resource that would benefit you for the rest of your lives.