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 I would like you to envision a backyard. Within this garden, the dirt is obviously loaded with nutrients and everything you plant, it is going to grow.  There’s rain and sunlight so that you do not need to be concerned about anything. You can plant anything.  There are not any limitations. It is possible to plant roses, or you could plant poison ivy.  It is possible to plant berries, or you could plant nightshade, a deadly toxin.  This garden is the mind and the seeds you can plant would be the own thoughts. Your brain is a fertile area where the ideas you plant, will grow and compensate for what your life is.

Or as the old passage from the Bible goes, from the book of Proverbs, chapter 23, verse 7:

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,”.

Your ideas, your own convictions, attest to the encompassing reality. Your own life, bad or good, is merely a manifestation of the ideas you have implanted on your head and nourished.  These ideas became behaviors.  Behaviors became the outcome. You are where you are right now since deep down into your heart, this is where you wished to be, however gloomy or unfair this might seem.

This principle is one of the earliest religious laws in life.  It is also among the finest known.  You will know it under another word.

This is “you become what you think about”.

And you will be able to get this in each of the world’s religions.

It is found in most belief systems, such as the one utilized by the Chinese.  It is as much of universal legislation as gravity.  Long before novels occur, shrewd people understood our ideas manifest our truth.

To begin with, your beliefs are linked to the world on a quantum level.  We illustrate what we believe. Allow me to make this clear, however. You do not manifest exactly what you feel you think.  You manifest what is on your own heart.  If you think you deserve pain and unhappiness, then regardless of what you state, this you will receive. A lot of individuals think they have positive ideas when their internal voice is obviously negative and negative.

This voice will always triumph.  Perhaps this is the reason why LoA fails for a lot of people – they are attempting to build trees of success and prosperity when planting seeds of doubt and pain and distress. It does not operate this way.

You get what is on your own heart.  The world will attest it.  However, what is in mind is the fact and we might not always know of this reality.

  • Life does not give you what you intended.
  • Life gives you what you ask.

And while a lot of men and women intend for prosperity and pleasure and health, their ideas are of poverty and despair and despair.  As this is what they’re planting, this is exactly what the world is manifesting.

Second, your thoughts lead to beliefs.

  • Your beliefs lead to actions.
  • Your actions lead to outcomes.
  • Your outcomes lead to your destiny.

The ideas you plant in your head will determine the best way to behave, on a level that is so subtle you cannot perceive it.  Who you are, is that the effect of the ideas you have embraced? It is difficult to understand this.

It is on the same level of breathing:

You know your breath only if you listen.  You understand your behavior and regarding just if you examine it.  But what you are comes from the ideas you have once implanted in your head and let them become part of you.

Thus, when you plant favorable ideas, you get favorable outcomes. If you plant love and enjoyment, your behavior will reveal love and it will create happiness for yourself and others. When you plant ideas of wealth and prosperity, your behavior will produce prosperity and wealth on earth. An airplane is enormous, carries countless passengers, and weighs thousands of heaps.  Still, you will discover only a couple of pilots in the cockpit, controlling this massive machine.

Even though your behavior is infinitely complicated, there are only a couple of ideas that control it all, and should you replace these ideas, everything will change for you also. The ideas you plant inside will manifest realities as in generating fact itself and form your behavior to make the outcomes you desire. Both are significant.

This really is a 50 – 50 place. The world can attest to the changes you need now, but you must act to make the most.  If fortune knocks at your door, you still should open the doorway. It is like this old joke. His ship is sinking.  “God, please save me, I will be good, I will regret, only save me “A couple of minutes after, a ship shows up. “HI there, do you really want any assistance?”, the great Samaritan requests him.

“No, no, God will save me “the fisherman replies.

Perplexed, the savior leaves:

Ten minutes afterward, the very same things happen.  Another vessel shows up.  They offer to assist him.  The fisherman will not state God can help him. At some point, the ship sinks, he dies and goes to heaven.  “God, why did you abandon me to die?  I jumped to you and that I assured I will repent for my sins”. I’ve sent you two ships”.

This is a joke, but this is how life works too.

We manifest chances but you need to take advantage of those changes.  If you are a realtor and you wish to shut a massive deal, your ideas will attest to this chance.  The world will align the people, locations, and conditions for this to take place. However, these individuals, circumstances, and places will not come to you in your living area.  You need to still behave and do something.

Or perhaps you wish to discover the love of your lifetime. Thoughts of appreciation and love will manifest your perfect spouse, but your spouse will not knock at the door and request a date. The world is like a shrub that provides you the veggies you require, in boundless prosperity, however, you still need to grab those fruits in the tree. And it all begins with your ideas, along with your own beliefs. In the beginning, it will be hard. If you are utilized to plant just poison on the mind, it is going to take a while till you take out it.  But as soon as you do, you will see something amazing happening.  You will see how you will walk to the ideal conditions.  You will end up in the appropriate places, at the perfect time, to get exactly what you would like.

How can I help you do this?

Manifestation Magic comprises hidden NLP controls that act as seeds to plant on your subconscious thoughts. It enables you to “program” your subconscious mind – putting seeds to the fertile ground of mind and heart. Therefore, you may listen to those tracks prior to going to sleep and alter what you believe, placing no effort in any way.

Manifestation Magic consistently includes the top of brainwave entertainment, which trains the mind to function at a greater frequency and can be constructed around the Correggio scales, tones which can heal you and allow you to manifest miracles in your lifetime. Click below to find out how Manifestation Magic will help you plant much better ideas in your mind and establish the life you deserve.

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