Spirituality and Personal Growth Mental Illness Guide

Mental health is the most delicate and somehow most neglected issue found usually among youngsters. Psychological Issues is a frequent and severe disease that should be treated at the right time to avoid any drastic problems in the future.

This issue can be due to various factors, but whatever the condition is, it is an alarming situation for the one who is dealing with it.

Many of you who are reading this article might be affected ones; that’s why you have come here. Now it has become so common that every next person has Mental illness.

A few heads over to the Doctors or Physiatrist for the treatment, while sadly, many people keep it untreated. Everyone has its own way of dealing with it, but today I am going to mention the best treatment of your Mental disease that will surely bring positivity in you.

Are you dealing with Anxiety issues or suffering from hopeless feelings or whatever the symptoms are this article is all about you and your mental health?

Let’s proceed with the topic.

Spirituality and Personal Growth Mental Illness

Mental Illness usually termed as the absence of a mental disorder. It badly affects your daily activities and has a drastic effect on your relationship. Sometimes even your loved ones get tired of your daily mood swings and often leave you on your own terms that affect your mental health more.

In this alarming situation, you need someone around you who take care of you and handle your mood swings.

You might be aware of the word ‘Spirituality’ that is a broad term. If I talk in simple words, then it means to search for the meaning of life. It is a universal human experience, something that touches us all in our own way.

Our mind is like an Art where we create our own reality; sometimes, it is positive, while sometimes it is negative.

If we start creating negative assumptions, then basically it leads to Mental Illness. Too much negative thinking makes you depressed, it makes you irritated that has a direct effect on your Mental health. Staying positive makes you healthy, and you start thinking positively in every situation.

Spirituality and Mental Health

Being a Spiritual person can help you in various ways. Now many people might not believe me because it’s all about the belief in religion or on God. Whatever religion you are preaching, the one thing that is common among all is Spirituality.

It is all about finding the meaning of life, and once you find out, it would be easy for you to lead a positive life. It requires patience, dedication, and consistency.

Both religion and Spirituality can positively affect psychological wellness. Somehow or another, they give a similar effect.

For instance: Both can enable an individual to endure worry by creating harmony, reason, and pardon. If your beliefs are firm on your religion, then it develops a sense of security, and you feel relax and peaceful.

Being an active member of any religious community, you learn how to accept the things that lead to a positive effect on your mind.

Let me elaborate on this topic by mentioning a few benefits of Spirituality on your Mental health to enhance the importance of Spirituality.

  • Your health is your precious asset, and it should be your top priority, so never take it for granted. Spirituality brings positivity to you and has a good impact on your health.
  • Hypertension that is usually termed as High blood pressure is a significant issue in today’s world. Spirituality decreases the chances of High Blood pressure due to the calmness and peace that it brings in you.
  • It changes you as a person and dismisses all the negative vibes in you. Spirituality brings positivity and let you enjoy life in every possible way that is good for your mental health.
  • It improves your Psychological health. High Psychological health is about feeling satisfied and performing well all day. People who have good Psychological health always feel happy and enjoy their life.
  • A Spiritual Person better knows how to handle the everyday stress of life positively. They know how to deal with the problems in a positive way without getting stressed.

Meditation and Mental Health

The concept of meditation is not new. The people have been doing Meditation for a long time to keep themselves happy and satisfied. The researchers have been researching the benefits of Meditation, and they found all the positive results that lead to good Mental health.

Once Buddha was asked that What you have gained through Meditation? He replied, ‘Nothing.’ He proceeded that let me tell you that What I have lost through Meditation: Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Tensions, and all the negativity that makes life tough and tedious.

Now the number of people who do meditation daily is increasing with time. It is because people are now more aware of the benefits of Meditation that it provides.

Yet there are many people who don’t practice it daily and even a few not at all practice so it is for all of those who don’t know the importance of Meditation.

Meditation is an old practice that assists with controlling our own psyche and thus our own life and finds ourselves.

Why Meditation Is Important?

The most common question that we often listen to is why we should do Mediation. Well, the stress and Anxiety in people have become common. Now people can’t find time for themselves due to their hectic routine.

Moreover, the pressure of work has enhanced, and they can’t find a relaxing time for themselves that has an adverse effect on them.

We always need a time in which we can relax our Mind, Soul, and Body to avoid any severe issues in the future. Due to the load of work, we often remain in stress and worry. For a time, we can’t see the negativity that is developing due to that stress, but in the future, it can damage our Mind and body to a great extent.

For this purpose, People do Meditation daily for half an hour to release all the stress and worries that kept bothering them throughout the day due to work or relationship.

You might have noticed that people who do meditation are more favorable than those who don’t.

How to Meditate?

Meditation is not bound to a specific act. People all around the world do Meditation according to their own rules. There are various ways of Meditation through which you can find peace and calmness.

If you are looking forward to finding different ways of Meditation, then let me solve your problem. I am going to mention a few ways that you can practice daily at your home. It incorporates:

1- Mindfulness Meditation

It is the most common type of Meditation that is practiced by many people. Through easy steps, you can smoothly perform Mindfulness Meditation to relax your Body and Mind.

It is human capability to fully exist, aware of where we are and what we’re doing. Instead of being hyper about the situation, you are satisfied with the current happenings, whether it’s negative or positive.

Self-satisfaction is very important, and Mindfulness Meditation assists in developing this emotion in a human being. Simple sit on the floor or chair, close your eyes, Breathe Naturally, and don’t let it stop to come out.

Keep all your focus on how the body moves when you inhale and exhale. Practice it daily as it won’t take much time. Once you use to doing this daily, then you will see the positive results in you.

2- Movement Meditation

Here comes the second type about which you have not heard much, but it is one of the crucial types that brings a good impact on your Mental health. When we talk about Movement then most of us think about a Yoga practice that most people perform daily to attain its several benefits.

Out of 1000 benefits, one of the essential benefits is good mental health that is the talk of today’s article. Apart from Yoga, it also involves walking through the woods, gardening, or any other form of Action or movement. If anyone of you finds peace in Actions, then this type is for you. Follow it and check the positive results of it.

3- Guided Meditation

In guided meditation, the training is molded by someone else’s voice. Since the brain tends to meander where it will, a considerable lot of us think that its simpler to center and loosen up when our psyches aren’t completely left to their own devices. This type of reflection is regularly driven by control in bunch settings, or by accounts introduced on applications, digital recordings, recordings, CDs, and so forth.

How to Start?

Many people who are just beginners find it challenging to decide where to start the Meditation. Let me solve your confusion by describing a simplest way to start Meditation and to start bringing a positive change in your lives.

Even if you are a beginner, yet you might have seen people doing Meditation while sitting on the floor with closed eyes. A few people find it difficult to close their eyes for a long time. Adapt that way where you feel comfortable because if your process of Meditation isn’t making you feel relax and healthy, then what’s the benefit of doing it.

Choose a comfortable place or Room for your Meditation practice. Sit on the floor and close your eyes and take a deep breath. During breathing, just keep your focus on the inhaling and exhaling of your breath, and its movement. Do it for a few minutes, and you will feel a soothing effect on your mind and body.

If you are not okay with closing the eyes, then there is likewise another way. Take a candle and lighten it. Keep your whole focus on its flame. After staring at it for a few minutes, you automatically close your eyes and review with the closed eyes that the flame is slowly disappearing. 

As far as your sitting posture is concerned there sitting with close legs is not the primary requirement. You can choose any position in which you feel comfortable because Meditation is something that needs to be done in a calm and soothing environment. Only then it will give you positive results.

Why Personal Development Is Important?

While sitting alone, have you ever thought that Why personal development is so important to live a healthy and peaceful life?

First, let’s talk about those things that involve Personal development i.e., a person’s talent, Emotions, Capabilities of making their dreams come true. These are the few things that are attached to a person’s personal development.

If you stop working on yourself or if you don’t pay attention to yourself, then or if you will stop learning new skills or talents, then how can you grow?

For Personal development, your good Mental health is the top priority that people usually take for granted. Adopting a new habit or learning a new thing isn’t easy. It inevitably takes time, but it is not impossible to learn new skills.

Keep growing yourself in terms of Knowledge to only then you will be able to lead a happy and blessed life. Now personal development varies from person to person. Something takes it as career growth, while some take it as mental growth. It depends on you that What is personal growth according to you.

Try to bring positive in you and try to deal with all the negativity and tension around your way as they are a part of your life and will stay with you. Take care of your mental health, Adapt the habit of Meditation because it is the best way to keep your mind, body, and soul in the right direction. I hope that this article will positively touch you at least to a few of you.

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