Top 7 Law of Attraction Tips to Manifest More of What You Want

It’s a saying that your great power lies not on the surface, but deep within you. We often try hard to look for motivation and positivity everywhere without knowing that it lies within us.

People often lose hope after facing immense hardships in life, but they don’t work on stepping out of these worries and tensions.

Charlie was a single father who had to look after his three years old son. He used to work from home as a social media consultant to meet the needs of his son.

His laptop on which he worked always glitched on him, and he was trying to have a 13-inch Mac Book Pro, but he was demented after checking its price.

One day his laptop broke down that made Charlie worried. He immediately started looking for various affordable laptops, but Mac Book wasn’t in his range. Charlie finalized one of the modest laptops and was about to have it, but immediately he thought to check the used Mac Book Pro.

He checked the list and found one at an affordable rate. It made him pleased, and he straight away purchased it.

It wasn’t the only good thing that happened to him. Shortly after, he got a new job for which he applied a few weeks ago without being confident about his selection. He was thinking about switching the job for a long time because of a low salary, and finally, he got it unexpectedly. Charlie was quite delighted with his new laptop and a new job.

On his first day at the office, he met his boss, who told about his attitude during an interview day that impressed his boss the most though he wasn’t up to the mark for that job. He proceeded that we will make you skilled and will teach you about the work.

How all of a sudden, Charlie’s luck shined? He who was looking for an excellent job and desired laptop for a long time finally got both together.

Is it a coincidence? Or something else that gave him two immense pleasures at the same time?

The answer is that he was practicing the ‘Law of Attraction’ theory for a long time that made him lucky enough to get 2 of his desires. He started visualizing in mind that how it likes to hold your favorite laptop and have your desired Job. He actually felt the taste of it. His positive thinking made him lucky enough to have both. It is what the Law of Attraction means.

You have the power to control your thoughts. You have to decide whether you want to think negative or positive and whatever vibration you will give to the universe, it will send back to you whether it is helpful or harmful. Your thoughts play a vital role in making your life.

Charlie always thought about the positive things that could happen to him, and just by giving positive vibes, he changed his faith. If he kept on thinking about the negativity because of the unfortunate circumstances, then might possible, he would not have been lucky enough.

Your thoughts send a message to the universe that What you believe or what you desire. Be very cautious before thinking anything negative. Everyone wants to have a blissful life without having any negative thoughts on the mind. If you are thinking of finding the ways that can control your negative thinking, then let me solve your confusion by mentioning those 7 Law of Attraction Tips to Manifest More of What You Want.

7 Law of Attraction Tips to Manifest More of What You Want

Here come the much needed seven rules of the Law of Attraction that can bring a positive change in you and make you a better person. Those seven rules incorporate:

1- Set aside time to focus on what you desire

Forget about all the things; keep your focus on all those things that you need in life. Every day make this habit of giving yourself at least 5 or 6 minutes where you can think about your goals and ambitions in life. The easiest way for it is to have a comfortable room where no one bothers you. Sit and close your eyes and take a deep breath. Start thinking about your desires.

It is also a way of doing meditation, and many studies have proved that doing such meditation every day saves you from various diseases, and it also brings a good change in you and enhances your mental health. You feel prompt and influenced. When you do it on a daily basis, then you will keep yourself remind about your goals that will motivate you to achieve them. It is what Charlie had done to attain his goals.

During meditation, the major problem arises that people get distracted easily. They can’t keep their focus on the meditation and end up becoming frustrated. At the start, you will find difficulty you will get so many negative thoughts, but the best way to get rid of them is to pass out those thoughts and don’t think about them for a long time. It will help you to focus on Meditation.

2- Be grateful and practice gratitude

Do you believe in superstitious things? In ancient times many people had the firm belief on the lucky stars. The second law of attraction rule also depends on this belief that when the universe blesses you with something great, then you should be grateful to it. When you react to the great things, then it acts like a magnet that attracts similar great things.

When you act grateful, then it will be the right message that you convey to the universe. It is how more great things will happen to you. If you react to the wrong things with power, then the same things will start happening to you. It depends on your thinking. People usually respond according to the situation and circumstances. If you are moving from a bad phase, then you typically lose hope. Instead of acting weird, be grateful, and be positive. The universe will reward you for it. You need to have a firm belief in it.

3- Take a leap of Faith

Having faith in yourself is the first step in obtaining your goals. Sometimes you often get distracted while thinking about the future. Your inner doubts usually stop you from pushing your goals, and that’s the biggest challenge for anyone to put them aside and bring positive energy in yourself. There are various examples in front of you from whom you may take notes on how they have made their future by crushing their past behind.

Many notable people are not alive today yet with their positive mind, and great will power left a significant impact on this world. It doesn’t matter that you can’t find any way to meet the conclusions. Just jump into it; you will automatically find ways. With time you can gain enough experience only if you will work on it. Take a leap faith in yourself and think about all the positive things that it will bring to you at the end. You will get succeed.

It is another law of attraction rule that can assist you to Manifest more of what you want. Your hard work, Faith, and positive thinking are the epitome of your success.

4- Keep on keeping’ on

Accepting a new challenge or starting something isn’t easy. It is a roller coaster where you have to reach the end. Many times, you often lose hope because of doing a lot, but in return, you get little. Sometimes you do Meditation and Yoga, yet your inner thoughts keep on sending you negative vibes and you feel depressed. Sometimes your side business isn’t gaining profit even after spending a lot of time and money on it.

It is not essential to travel the journey of success all alone. Sometimes or I would say every time you need the help of someone for the ultimate guidance. At that time, look for your surroundings, seek advice from those friends who become a reason for your motivation or who bring positive energy. You can surely find such people around you who will help you in your success journey.

Now the technology has enhanced a lot. You may get a lot of help from it. Search various videos and content that might help you. The Universe has too much amplefor you to disregard. We are attached to a strong human network, and our combined energy influences everyone else in ways we can’t yet fully perceive.

5- Tune out your Negative Ned (or Nancy)

Have you ever noticed those negative voices that often binge you whenever you face the difficult phase of your life? It keeps on reminding you about your failure that makes you more depressed and hopeless. Those voices are actually your inner thoughts that keep on telling you about your faults and stops you from trying again. Often you become frustrated and stop trying further.

These are basically your self-doubts, when you don’t have enough confidence in yourself, then you always doubt your hard work, and your fear of failure overcomes everything. Once you master in letting go of all the negative thoughts behind you, then you will become a successful person, then this negativity will never bother you and will never become a hurdle in your success.

There is a famous saying that ‘The dark thought, the shame, the malice. Meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.”

The biggest challenge of yours is to overcome your positive thoughts. Keep focusing on all the good things that come your way. You will notice that your life is better now.

6- Ditch Your Story

Your negative thinking merely depends on the environment in which you grew up. Now everyone is lucky enough to have motivated and bright people around them. Some people have to deal with the negativity all their life, and sometimes it becomes so hard for you to put away the weight of those negative words that you kept on listening all your life.

The weight of words can severely break you and your personality. Sometimes you have to listen to such words that pull away all the motivation and positivity from you, incorporating Failure, Ugly, etc. Sometimes people perceive you differently and make their opinion about you. They ditch a story about you that is totally false. You always try not to bother their words, but you end up being hurt with their words and actions.

Try to ditch your own story and stop becoming a victim of their hurtful words. Once you know how to stop bothering about these negative people, you can lead the best life. You can achieve incredible things only with a positive attitude. Getting hurt on little things or getting demotivated for other’s words can give you a positive and successful life. As from yourself that What kind of story you want to live out?

7- Make your Affirmations “pop”

Loving yourself is one of the essential things that a human being performs. However, just saying that ‘I love me’ isn’t enough. You have to prove this statement by taking it to another level. Try to change the phrase of your sentence and start saying, ‘I love myself that I will try to change myself for the betterment’ or you would show ‘The love that I have for myself, I will pass it out to another human being.’ It is how you can justify your statement in a better way.

The last rule of the law of attraction is to bring the right attitude within yourself with a better tone. What matters is that you introduce your affirmations with a significant amount of attitude, and above all, energy. Once you know how to make your affirmations, then you can stop your inner negative thoughts and start perceiving everything in a positive way that is a demand of today’s generation.

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