Vibration Healing.

If you suffer from stress, maybe this is the time for you to start ‘pickin’ up the good vibrations’…

Regardless of major scientific breakthroughs in medicine over the last hundred years or so, it has not led us, humans, to be living in a world free of illness or stress – people still develop asthma and eczema, for example, and our scientists and doctors yet don’t know why.

In this world where many mass-produced chemical medicines are being given for almost every conceivable illness, whether they are deemed relevant and successful or not, it is, therefore, a massive relief to be able to look beyond the doctor’s surgery and the hospital consulting rooms to a vast array of alternatives – whether we are talking anything from acupuncture to zone therapy.

Alternative and complementary medicine is a relief for many of us to know that there are alternative medicines and therapies available, as well as the more conventional medicines, which can bring relief to many sufferers of a multitude of ailments.

For too long, many of us have been too happy to rely on whatever the doctor gave us, with no thought of questioning what we are subjecting our bodies to.

But, due to our modern-day life with its ever-increasing technological capabilities and the stress that they can impart upon our bodies, as well as the stress of life in general, more people than ever are continuing to return to nature for ways of healing.

Some wonderful forms of healing from nature form part of what is known as ‘vibrational medicine.’

Vibrational healing therapy is a robust system of healing that may utilize specific techniques. Still, it works primarily with vibration in order to restore and balance the natural life force energy within the body, however controversial the method that vibration may be produced by.

Vibrational medicine is claimed to be ‘an evolving viewpoint of health and illness that takes into account the many forms and frequencies of vibrating energy (like atoms) that contribute to the multi-dimensional human energy system.’ 

Vibration healing is an alternative therapy that uses specialized or specific equipment to treat patients and is used in a variety of health-care settings, which include physical therapy, massage therapy, rehabilitation, and sports medicine or a therapist’s own home.

Vibrational medicine is used to describe a variety of healing remedies. It is based on the principle of healing using the living energy within something, such as crystals, plants, sunlight, and food.

It is believed that the entire universe and everything in and around it are made up of energy – including your own individual body.

The energies within your body – of which there are thought to be 7 of them – play an essential part in the balance and health of our bodies’ welfare and are known as chakras.

Putting it simply, the chakras are thought to carry a life force within them. 

The actual word ‘chakras’ is an ancient Sanskrit word which means wheel, and which makes sense in the fact that it is thought that the life force which moves inside the human body is continually spinning and rotating – from the base of your spine, up to the top of your head.

If just one of these chakras spins too quickly, becomes blocked, or moves slowly, your health can suffer.  Therefore, it is thought to be essential to keep your body happy and healthy, and your chakras must be balanced to maintain your spiritual, emotional, and physical needs.

So, the vibrations work to ensure the balance of your inner-energy is maintained and healthy at all times.

The Vibration Therapy Chair
However, alongside the more alternative forms of vibration healing with objects such as crystals and acupressure, there are also the more hospitalized/clinical forms with the use of the vibration chair.

This chair is an apparatus that uses weights and pulleys to create a sense of vibration – its purpose is therapeutic.

Believe it or not, it was initially developed in 1895, by a Russian doctor as a way of improving human blood circulation and to help alleviate constipation.

It was later found that bone density, mass, and muscles can also be helped with the vibrating chair, and it is these findings that have increased huge relief for sufferers with a multitude of bone issues.

It, therefore, works by the patient standing, lying, or sitting on the vibrating machine, which is supported by a vibrating platform. At the same time, the therapist places a hand-held vibrating device on certain parts of the patient’s body – such as the calf or thigh muscle.

When the vibrations are transmitted to the body, they cause the muscles to contract and relax, and certain types of targeted vibrations may cause the patient’s body to produce osteoblasts, which are cells that produce bone.

The intensity and direction of the vibrations determine how well the vibration therapy is working.

Some of these vibration machines only produce vertical vibrations, whereas others produce vibrations that go up and down, front and back, as well as sideways.  Up and down vibrations are thought to be the most beneficial from having rapid muscle contractions.

There are several health conditions that vibration healing is thought to aid – these include:

  • Arthritis
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • General pain
  • Tinnitus
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Parkinson’s
  • Sports’ injuries

It is also believed by many that vibration healing can help with osteoporosis and other recognized bone diseases by protecting against loss of bone mineral density.

Some people also believe it can help the lymphatic system, increase metabolism, regulate blood sugar, and aid in stroke recovery, as well as promote wound healing.

There are different types of vibration healing, which include localized vibration therapy – in which the vibration is delivered only to the area of the body that are in need of treatment,  and whole-body vibration – in which the treatment is administered through the use of a machine or chair that vibrates the entire body at once.

The vibrations used in vibration healing provide mechanical signals to the bone and muscle that may help stimulate various growth factors and jump-start previously inactive muscle fibers and nerve pathways.

A large number of health professionals use vibration healing in their practices. While massage therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and practitioners of bodywork are all known to practice vibration therapy, there is no licensed program for this of alternative medicine.

Vibration healing in itself is therefore seen as really important in maintaining this balance and includes alternative healing alongside the more conventional types such as acupuncture, homeopathy, and sound therapy, which are also types of vibrational medicine. In contrast, other forms are centered around the use of crystals – but all of these vibration healing methods aid with the balancing of the chakras.

Are there any risks for trying this vibration healing method?
It is thought that there are very few risks to trying vibration healing.

Vibration healing is only deemed dangerous if the intensity of the vibrations used is too high, as this can cause lumbar injuries and severe back pain.

As an alternative therapy, it can give you an alternative in relation to other traditional medications or interventions.

It’s probably sensible to avoid having vibration therapy if you:

  • taking blood-thinning medications
  • have advanced diabetes
  • have heart disease
  • are pregnant.


Acupuncture, which is an ancient Chinese medicine, helps to improve the body’s functions and helps to promote the natural self-healing by stimulating specific anatomic sites – which are commonly known as acupoints or acupuncture points.

 The most common method used to stimulate acupoints is the insertion of fine, sterile needles into the specific troublesome area. Pressure, heat, and electrical stimulation or vibration can further enhance the effects.

Within the treatment of acupuncture, there can be the use of light and low-level electrostimulation, which are known as microcurrents.

During the actual treatment of acupuncture, many people experience a rush of energy through the neural pathways, which is the electrical stimulation of the needles themselves.

The other myth is that the treatment does not hurt, contrary to popular belief that is sometimes banded around.

It is thought that the meridian system responds powerfully to vibration.  It is believed that frequency and polarity-specific electrical stimulation which is an easy-to-practice method that profoundly affects the energy systems of the body.

Electroacupuncture is a modified form of acupuncture that uses two needles.

And then a mild electric current passes between these needles during this vibration healing treatment. This current generally applies more stimulation to the acupoints than a needle twirling or other hand manipulation techniques an acupuncturist might use.

This is a relatively new form of treatment, so there isn’t a lot of evidence to support its effectiveness for the many different reasons it is used – however, it is thought to be successful with many sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis.

Research has found that there is evidence to suggest that electroacupuncture, along with traditional medicine, is a successful form of treatment for RA sufferers.

It is thought to be a safe form of vibration healing is conducted by a skilled practitioner.

Therefore, electroacupuncture is closely related to acupuncture, but it involves stimulating two needles with an electrical current or vibration. Many people believe that this enhances the healing properties of traditional acupuncture.

At present, there’s limited evidence to support the many claims made about electroacupuncture, but, on the whole, the research that does exist suggests it may help with several health issues, including arthritis, acute pain, and chemotherapy side effects.

Acupuncture is a well-studied and evidenced-based practice that has been used successfully for thousands of years, particularly in the eastern world. However, it is generally thought that more research is needed for adding electricity to this ancient practice.

Crystal Healing

So, there are a large number of vibration healing therapies which are a type of complementary and alternative medicine, and which focus on the general idea that energy fields surround and penetrate the human body. Practitioners of energy therapies often aim to manipulate biofields by applying pressure and/or placing the hands or alternatives in or through these energy fields.

While the existence of such energy fields has not been scientifically proven, there’s some evidence that certain energy therapies may have immense beneficial effects.

Crystals apparently have an extremely high vibration that is compressed in the form of a rock. When a crystal is placed on the body, the geometric and highly synchronized vibrations begin to merge with the bio-energetic field of the person and supposedly create a healing effect.

The idea is that crystals absorb and transmit energy that adjusts the body’s fluctuating vibrations. It supposedly works by ‘channeling the healing vibration.’

There are thought to be a large number of crystals that can be a benefit to your health, in many different and exciting ways. These include selenite, which is reputed to bring healing and inner peace, moonstone that strengthens intuition, avenincludeturine which is known to amplify luck – the list goes on, and on…

But if we focus on just a couple, though, to give you the idea of how they work, you’ll find that Black Onyx gemstone is a powerful protection stone.  This stone is said to absorb and transform negative energy. It helps in the development of emotional and physical strength, especially when support is needed in particular times of stress, confusion, or grief.

Black Onyx is a strength-giving stone that encourages wise decision-making and helps with developing healthy habits by the individual becoming more focused and balanced. This crystal gemstone is also thought to help individuals separate from people or situations that are unhappy or troublesome to them.  Onyx is believed to stabilize, heal, and strengthens the root chakra to help in becoming more grounded, creative, and productive in the physical world.

Whereas Rose Quartz is known as one of the most important stones for the Heart Chakra, and it is often used for its healing properties as it is thought to promote unconditional love.

It can also be used to balance all of the chakras and clear them of negative energy. When used with positive self-affirmations, it can help build confidence and acceptance. It is also the crystal most often used for its healing properties. The energy from this crystal is thought to help create an environment in which individuals will feel nourished, supported, and able to go through regular responsibilities with more ease.

It’s a crystal well-known for supposedly opening the heart to forgiveness and compassion towards the individual as well as others. The gentle energy from Rose Quartz also reputedly brings empathy while helping lower stress and tension in the heart. It’s thought to bring calm and harmony during incredibly stressful times.

Practitioners stress the importance of cleaning and preparing the crystals before usage. But first, it’s essential that choose one that’s right for you. It’s recommended that you clean it in cool water – not hot or warm – remembering that some metallic crystals dissolve in water and should, therefore, be buried in clean earth – your back garden is not a good idea! Now put it somewhere where it ‘feels happy.’

The healing powers and ways to use them might seem a bit like hocus pocus magic, but crystals do actually have a scientific-sounding background. While crystals are still viewed as a choice in healing, the explanation for why crystals do what they do even sounds very logical. In fact, crystals vibrate at their own frequency, the same way that the cells in your body vibrate at their own frequency.

Energy is everywhere, and crystals are the perfect conduit for it. In fact, the vibrations of crystals are known to change depending on the different energy surrounding them, so every crystal stone has a unique and different effect on each and every individual. 

Originally, crystal therapy was devised to balance the chakras and transform the energy properties of the body, resulting in an open and positive energy field. When it comes to crystals, it is believed they would heal and renew the energy that naturally flows inside of you, which would, in turn, heal your physical body as well.

Geopathic Stress

There are also people who believe that vibrations rising up out of the earth can cause anything from road rage to cancer.

In a nutshell, the idea is this – the earth has a natural vibration, but things such as underground watercourses, drainage pipes, underground tunnels, etc. can distort this vibration.

If this vibration is disturbed, and you, unfortunately, are standing, sitting, or lying above this distortion point, then your health and/or behavior could be affected.

Geopathic stress, as it is termed, is thought to be safe electromagnetic waves which are released from deep within the Earth’s core, which come to the surface.

These natural and harmless vibrations can, it is claimed, be distorted by the flow of underground watercourses playing on the energy release, creating geopathic stress, which can, over time, have a negative impact on our enjoyment of our living spaces and even damage our health.

It is thought that the water involved could, for example, be conducted by human-made drains and pipes, or could run along natural streams running through cracks and crevices and alluvial springs beneath our ground.

The water and/or certain geological faults are believed to disturb and intensify the harmony of the vibrations in the human body, which are measured in Hertz and are said to be safe at 7.8 Hz.

These forces can, it is claimed, be ‘cleared’ or tuned out, by a dedicated energy specialist or shamanic healer with vibration healing techniques.

So, this geopathic stress clearing rebalances the area that is being affected as well as the individual whose health may have been affected, and vibration healing is a great way to rebalance the energies that have been disturbed by the earth’s own vibrations.

Benefits of Vibration Healing
There have been a mixed responses to how beneficial vibration healing is overall as there has been little research done in this field.

In bone health, for example, in relation to osteoporosis, results appear to be a mixed bag as there have been few large-scale clinical trials.

However, in the number of small studies which have been conducted (including a 2013 clinical trial published in Clinical Interventions in Aging, and which involved 28 postmenopausal women and a six-month treatment period) have found that a whole-body vibration may help improve bone mineral density in the lumbar spine and other areas of the body.

Likewise, in the small studies done on the treatment of fibromyalgia, there is evidence that vibration healing has benefits.

Overall, regardless of the specific medical complication, there is evidence that vibration healing can help.

Those people in favor of vibration healing claim that whole-body and localized vibration therapy have a range of profound health benefits. For example, some people claim vibration therapy can help:

  • increase bone density
  • increase muscle mass
  • improve circulation
  • reduce joint pain
  • reduce back pain
  • alleviate stress
  • boost metabolism

But all agree that more research on vibration therapy is needed, but the good news is that early findings suggest it may have some benefits for treating certain conditions.

Vibration therapy, therefore, may have some benefits for treating certain conditions, such as muscle weakness, muscle soreness, or Parkinson’s disease. It may also be helpful for older individuals who are unable to exercise regularly. More research is needed to assess its overall potential benefits, including whether or not it can increase bone density.

Talk to your doctor before trying vibration therapy as they can help you assess the potential benefits and risks.

The Bottom Line
As you can see, there are a number of forms of healing treatments that constitute vibration healing – anything from electrical stimulation to the use of crystals, and we’ve only touched on a few…

What appears to be safe to say is that these do offer real differing alternatives to traditional medical treatments for quite a few diseases and progressive conditions.

The use of a natural therapy, such as vibration therapy in whatever form, can really offer a way of non-invasive treatments that can leave you feeling energized and impact on the particular condition you are trying to treat.

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