What Can a Sound Stone Massage Do for You?

Massages are something that everyone can appreciate, and with advances that help people feel better, there are more and more ways that massages can benefit you. For instance, rather than just a hands-on massage, you could choose to get a massage that uses the benefits of both sound and stones to truly give you one of the best experiences that you can get at a massage clinic. You might be surprised by how much a sound and stone massage can do for you.

By combining the benefits of heated stones with relaxing sound therapy, you will be able to feel better physically and mentally, helping you recover and recuperate far more than a traditional hands-only massage would allow.

It has been proven that stone massages can do far more for the body than a masseuse’s hands can offer. That isn’t to say that an experienced masseuse isn’t someone who can help you out, but there are some things that a person’s hands are not able to help out with in the same way that specialized stones can.

For those who may not be aware, a sound stone massage is a type of massage that combines the benefits of either heated or chilled stones that have been smoothed and shaped for this exact use with the benefits of sound wave therapy. Sound wave therapy uses sound waves to help relax your mind and help you out mentally, which is one of the ways that it can be better than a traditional massage. After all, a masseuse’s hands can’t reach into your mind to help you relax, but sound waves certainly can.

There are many benefits to being able to have both your mental health and your physical health taken care of, but before you can learn more about what exactly a sound stone massage can do, you will first want to learn about what it involves and why it is something more than just a traditional massage.

Understanding What Makes the Stones Special

There are a few different choices that you can make when looking into stone massages, even before looking at what sound wave therapy can offer in addition. There are both heated and chilled stones that can be used. These will work much like hot or cold compresses on your joints and muscles, providing the beneficial effects of both while providing the benefits of a massage as well.

The warm heat from the heated stone massages will offer muscle relaxation and pain relief, as the warmth will cause your blood vessels to expand. This draws more blood flow to the massaged area of the body, helping to relax the muscles (since they will get more oxygen from the increased blood flow) and to alleviate chronic pain from the sedation-like effect of the heated stones.

On the flipside, you may want to consider having chilled stones be used during your stone massage therapy session. Chilled stones provide different benefits, much more akin to a cold compress than a warm one. Just as a warm compress can help your body with aches and pains, cold compresses (and by extension, chilled massage stones), can help your body as well. The chilling effect can help to soothe the pain from a number of chronic conditions, such as fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis, especially when used in conjunction with the heated stone therapy.

What Can a Massage with Stones Offer?

Now that you are a little bit more aware about why these stones are different and specially designed for this form of massage therapy, you might begin to wonder why a masseuse would use these stones instead of their hands. The stones can offer a deeper impact and reach deeper toward your joints and deep muscles than a person’s hands could comfortably do. With the smoothed surface of the stone, the pressure applied during the massage will be even, and you won’t have to worry about it exacerbating any other conditions that you might be having.

In fact, when used over joints, massage stones have been found to improve joint flexibility, range of motion, and decrease muscle spasms from the muscles surrounding the joints. This is because the stones themselves can apply a deeper pressure massage than anyone’s hands can, giving you all the more reason to consider a stone massage if you are suffering from these kinds of problems.

People have also realized that the warmth and pressure from the heated stones can actually help people who have problems with sleep due to issues such as ongoing stress, problems with roommates arguing about Dunder Mifflin, insomnia, or simply just a crowded and busy life. It is a known fact that massages can be mentally relaxing. When you combine this fact with the fact that comfortably applied heat on certain pressure points on the body can be relaxing as well, a stone massage with heated stones can help bring you into a place where you will be ready to fall asleep the moment that you get home.

These are just a few reasons why a stone massage can be more beneficial for you than a traditional hand massage can be. From here, you will also want to get a good understanding of how the sound wave therapy aspect of a sound stone massage can help you out as well. Before you know it, you will realize that when you combine both of these aspects together, you will be able to experience one of the most relaxing and physically gratifying massages that you are able to get in your life.

What Can Sound Wave Therapy Offer?

It has been a well-known fact for many, many years that sounds can be incredibly therapeutic. Not only does a person’s heart rate sync up with the music that they listen to, but the soundwaves of the music itself can help you relax and feel at peace. Many people who go through sound wave therapy have reported that they are able to feel more at ease, think more clearly, and generally feel better about their lives.

The way that sound wave therapy can work is that, through the use of relaxing music, you can begin to feel calmer about your life. The music is transmitted through high-quality headphones that allow you to feel the rich sounds, higher frequencies, and so on so that you can get the full effect of what sound wave therapy is. While it might appear to be listening to music from the viewpoint of someone who doesn’t know about it, the truth is that sound wave therapy can offer much, much more than that.

With the use of sound wave therapy, you can drown out all of the noise and chatter in your mind, ranging from serious topics that have you stressed out to any tangents your brain might be on, such as beets or Dwight Schrute. During this process, you will also rely on meditation to help bring you to a state of mind that will let you shed away whatever your worldly problems might be. Even for people who are not experienced in meditation, with a few deep breaths and with the specialized sound wave music in the background, you will be able to find your inner self and focus on what you need.

On top of this, because your body’s breathing and heart rate have a tendency to sync up to what you might be listening to, when you are listening to calm and relaxing music, your body will subsequently begin to relax itself as well. This helps to lower your blood pressure and heart rate, as well as ease any muscle tension that you are holding onto. As you continue doing this, you will be able to reach a state equivalent to a deep sleep, allowing you to rest, reset, and rejuvenate your body in an afternoon, rather than trying to spend nights fixing a sleep schedule.

With calm and quiet music in the background, you will also be able to begin relaxing your mind. When your mind is not as pent-up and stressed about problems outside of the sound stone massage appointment, you can begin to let the negative thought slip away as you focus on yourself and how you feel. For many people, the ability to let those thoughts melt away is going to be one of the most prominent reasons why sound stone massage therapy was sought out. After all, just about everyone would want to go home without any long-term stress weighing down on their backs.

Finally, there are the benefits of adding the sound “waves” into the mix. As you listen to the soothing and relaxing music that is offered during this kind of therapy, there will be sound waves transferring through the massage table. This creates a calming pattern of an ebb and flow as the beat and tune of the music change with time. Combined with a stone therapy procedure with both hot and cold stones, this kind of appointment can become something that helps you out in all aspects of life, including mental and physical alike.

In the end, a good appointment at a sound wave therapy office may not do as much for your physical body and health as a massage with specialized stones would, but it can do wonders for your mental well-being. In many cases, your mental well-being is going to be just as important as your physical well-being. The best part about sound stone massage groups is that you won’t have to make the tough decision of only being able to rely on sound therapy or stone therapy. Instead, you can begin to experience the benefits of both sides, allowing you to come back from the massage appointment feeling as if you are a new person.

How Does the Process Work?

Of course, before you want to look into getting a sound stone massage appointment, you will want to know what to prepare for so that you can make the most out of the benefits that are offered. There are a few things that you are going to want to consider before you focus on your next massage. For one, you are going to want to pay attention to what parts of the body can be massaged, and what the bodywork being used during the massage is going to be. From there, you will want to focus on how long you would want the massage procedure to be, what kind of massage you want done depending on what your current needs are, and the kind of massage lotion that will be used.

These are all important aspects to consider before getting a massage done, and having a good idea of what to expect will allow you to make the most out of your appointment when you finally decide to get the massage job done. For instance, it is important to note that most standard massage lotions are designed to enhance muscle massages while also preventing excess friction on the skin so that you will come out of the massage looking just as good as you did when you first went in.

You will also work with the practitioner on the exact style of massage that is going to be done. Just because the massage process makes use of both sound waves and stones doesn’t mean that there isn’t some traditional work mixed into the process as well. Many places that focus on providing this kind of atmosphere will offer a general Swedish massage, which will work with broad and flowing massage strokes, branching out toward more specific areas that are afflicted by pain.

It should go without saying that there are many benefits to being able to get a stone sound massage process done. From the physical benefits of both the hot and cold stones that can be used to help physical ailments and pains to the mental benefits that come with the sound wave therapy, you can feel confident in knowing that there is going to be some form of sound stone therapy that will suit all of your needs. 

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